Monday, June 11, 2007

7. Google Earth & Mashups

Google Earth is a fascinating free application you'll need to download and install on your computer. It is used by many teachers and students to explore a topic spatially through a geographic interface. It is closely related to Google Maps with which it shares its satellite imagery of the earth. Here's a link with short videos that demonstrate Google Earth's features. The page has a button to download Google Earth to your computer.
Note: This workshop section may be done as a demonstration if Google Earth is not installed on the workshop computers.

Both Google Maps and Google Earth provide a layering system whereby geotagged data can be accessed via the map interface. The data appears as though it were superimposed over the map in a transparent layer. All of the data is linked to a geographical location within Google Maps or Earth. This brief Wired article describes how NASA photographs from space are made accessible through a geotagged data layer available on Google Earth.

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