Sunday, June 10, 2007

4. Image Generators (pure fun!)

Image generators are websites that allow you to create or customize images. Some allow you to create signs or buttons. Some allow you to create fantastic titles. Others give you a variety of interesting photographs and invite you to add creative text within the photo (like the example to the right).

Explore the image generator links below and try a few. They are all free, and none of them require accounts. You and your students can use these for web graphics, report titles and just for fun. If you create an image you like, you can add it to your blog.

See if you can post your created image to your blog. There are two or three ways:
  1. Save the image to your hard drive OR record the URL of the image.
  2. Create a New Post in your blog and add the image via the Add Image button.
  3. From the image generator site, you may be able to post directly to your blog.
Record your ideas about image generators in your blog. Can you think of a way to use a generated image in your teaching or with your students? Be sure to label the post with our workshop tag. (Note: some image generation sites permit viewing of recent creations, which may be objectionable. Check the site before you give it to students.)

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